Conrad & The Hurricane Strings

Some info on this group, which Zappa did produce a single for - from Charles Pater: You can read this as a supplement to an article in Record Collector Magazine #61 from September 1984: The Indo-Rock band The Rocking Yings existed from 1960-1962 in Amsterdam-West, the Netherlands. Some members of this group emigrated to Ontario, California in 1962. In California they formed a new group Conrad & the Hurricane Strings. In 1963 they recorded two guitar instrumentals - produced by Frank Zappa - in Studio Z in Cucamonga, later released on:
  • 1963 DAYTONE 6401 Hurricane / Sweet Love (US 12/63)
  • 1964 ERA 3130 Hurricane / Sweet love (US 1/64)
  • After listening to "Hurricane" with a good friend of mine we decided that the intro of this song has been included in the Lumpy Gravy album right after "A bit of nostalgia for the old folks" - indeed that surf thing. Charles also suggests a look at Dennis Roos' website, where in January 2006 we could read the following:

    CONRAD & THE HURRICANE STRINGS (Amsterdam/California)
    The indo-rock band The Rocking Yings existed from 1960-1962 in Amsterdam-West with the following band members:

    Conrad && The Hurricane Strings at Bandbox Club, California 1963

  • Ed Wannee (guitar/vocals)
  • Ed Sigarlaki (lead guitar)
  • Don Sigarlaki (bass guitar)
  • Coen Couwenberg (rhythm guitar)
  • Raul de Groen (drums)
  • Guus Manuputi (vocals)
  • Don & Ed Sigarlaki + Coen Couwenberg emigrated in 1962 to Ontario, California. In California they formed a new group Conrad (= Coen) & the Hurricane Strings with Pat (Patrick) Couwenberg on drums. Indo-rock goes surf! In 1963 they cut 2 compositions of Ed Sigarlaki in Cucamonga, California. The single was one of Frank Zappa's early recording endeavors as a producer. A snippet from beginning of "Hurricane" was used on Frank Zappa's album Lumpy Gravy. The record + picture of the group was included in The Illustrated Discography of Surf Music 1961-1965 compiled by John Blair (Jon & the Nightriders). In the mid-60s they changed their name to Sounds Unlimited and Ed & Don Sigarlaki are still together after all those years. Also Ed Wannee, original member from The Rocking Yings, is playing in the group. In California they did shows together with indo-rock legends like Franky Luiten, Lydia Tuinenburg, Robbie Boekholt, Oscar Rexhauser and Jim Pownall. In 1995 they played together with Andy Tielman.

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